Thinking In English

The idea of learning a new language is daunting, to say the least.  It is particularly so if you are more than 20 years old and your native language is ingrained in your brain.  Moreover, when it comes to learning English as your new and second language, the undertaking seems almost impossible.   Millions of new Americans enter our borders every year – legally and illegally – and their first thought, after looking for work, is to learn English.  “How fast can I learn English so that I can be an American?” is on the minds of many foreigners.  And, most important, of all, “How can I learn English?”

Thinking In English is designed to answer these important questions and other questions that arise in the minds of newcomers to this country.   It also will give hints and suggestions on how to master the most difficult aspects of pronunciation and proper sentence structure so that you can “sound” like an American.

The book is available on Kindle as well as hardcover and paperback.