Spirit Lives!

There is no such thing as death as we know it.  Life is eternal.

Dr. John Muciaccia’s new book Spirit Lives!  shares the experiences of 25 “ordinary” people who have had extraordinary connections with Spirit and approximately 25 professional psychics, mediums and clairvoyants who do this work every day.

“What happens to me or my loved ones after we die?  In this beautiful book, John answers these questions in clear, easily-understood terms.  He shares the heartwarming stories of others who have reached beyond the veil of death—and come to realize the veil is an illusion.  This book will bring you comfort and a sure knowing that we are eternal beings of light and love.”
~ John Cali, http://www.greatwesternpublishing.org

There are amazing stories from everyday people such as a woman who sees auras and even my own grandfather “knew” things. Learn about the experiences of professionals including a voodoo priestess and Frank St. James, who has helped numerous police departments find missing bodies. St. James speaks to the spirit of people who have passed to help him locate their physical bodies.

“Spirit Lives! is an exploration of spiritual communication.  Mystics, Sages and Spiritualists have explored the soul’s evolution into the after-life for centuries.  Within the pages of this book you will discover that Spirit Lives! ~ Roland Comtois, Spiritual Medium, Grief Guide and Author

Buy Spirit Lives! now on Amazon is now available in paperback and kindle formats.

Spirit Lives! walks through the life experiences of a wide variety of people that are easily relatable. The reader can relate or compare to their own experiences – anyone who reads this book can participate and gain so much from it.
~Lisa Salaz creator of Inner Spirit Rhythm

Media coverage about the book.

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