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Nadri Celebrates Dr. John’s Birthday June 2015

Thanks to Peichun Liao for taking the pictures!Nadri4 Nadri3 Nadri2 Nadri1

“Spirit Lives!” is currently on sale at for a sale price of $10.80 for the paperback. The Kindle remains at $6.99 and is ready to download. Dr. John Muciaccia, author of “Spirit Lives!”

“Spirit Lives!” touches the lives of many people

The number of people who are reaching out to me is growing day by day.   These people all text, email and call to thank me for writing “Spirit Lives!” because it has touched their lives.    “Spirit Lives!” gives peace, comfort and solace to all who read it when looking for answers to questions about their family and friends who have passed. has it in paperback and Kindle.   The paperback is now on sale.    With love, Dr. John Muciaccia, author of “Spirit Lives!”

Changing the world one reader at a time!

Many people have told me recently that “Spirit Lives!” is changing the world one person at a time.   It gives the reader a new view of life after death and their attitude towards others is in line with the Divine.    “Spirit Lives!” is meant to give hope and knowledge for those experiencing loss in their lives.  Has it done that to you?     

New shipment of books has received a new shipment of “Spirit Lives!” ready for delivery.

Book Talk and Book Signing

We had a wonderful audience for our Book Talk & Book Signing last Tuesday evening at the Symposia Bookstore in Hoboken.   The questions were mostly about “what is it like up there?”  I attempted to give the answer to that question from what I discovered doing my interviews for the book, Spirit Lives!  My answer was, in effect, “it is like nothing we can imagine with our Earth bound consciousness.”   

Independence Day

Today is Independence Day – – a day of celebration throughout the U.S.A.

You can achieve “independence” from your fear of the unknown by reading

“Spirit Lives!” which is a book of Hope and Knowledge about life after life. is having a sale of the paperback at this time.   Kindle is available.

Spirit Lives! the E-book is Free for a Limited Time

MPS_7358Spirit Lives! is the latest book by Dr. John Muciaccia and is receiving rave reviews. Now is your chance to check it our for free on Amazon. This free e-book giveaway will be available until midnight Pacific Standard Time on Wednesday, May 21, 2014. Spirit Lives! also is available on paperback. There are amazing stories from the author’s own life, the professionals he has written about as well as the fascinating details of everyday people who have encountered Spirit in their lives. 

Spirit Lives! shows there is no such thing as death as we know it. Life is eternal.

John Cali helps promote Spirit Lives!

Thank you to John Cali for helping promote Spirit Lives! in his e-newsletter to his subscribers. John is a writer who communicates with a group of spirit guides, known simply as Spirit.

Spirit Lives! is now available on Amazon in paperback and kindle formats.  To learn more about the book Spirit Lives! please go here.

To learn more about John Cali, please visit his website.

Interview with NY1 About My New Book Spirit Lives!

Here is my interview with NY1 where I delve into the book and why and how I wrote it.

I’ve joined Pinterest

I’m posting some of my favorite quotes (my own & others) to pinterest if anyone wants to check it out or follow me